What Our Parents Are Saying…


On Life at Riverbend Academy



“Thank you for giving us our daughter back.”

“If you want your child to be in an environment that is accepting for each child’s qualities, consider Riverbend.”

“My son is here because I like the philosophy. I like what they teach. I like how they teach it. And I like the fact that the classroom sizes are small. There is more one on one time.”

“The changes in school have been so positive for my daughter.”

“The teachers are dressed professionally and they act professionally as well.”

“The first thing I noticed, early in the year, was that she is a lot happier.”

“Contrary to previous years, she is eager to go to school.”

“We feel now we have made the right choice and we have never looked back. It was the best decision we have ever made for him.”



On Academics


“I would have never believed that one day in a different learning environment could have such a huge impact on a child.”

“The math has been absolutely incredible.”

“The material selected for them to read is so rewarding. Rae-Anna was so excited to read.”

“Jump Math comes at math from a common sense way where each lesson builds on itself. It made sense to Nicholas and it clicked. Now, he gets it.”

“They teach French in a way that re-engaged his excitement in French.”



On Confidence


“Her confidence is blooming and she is happy with who she is.”

“Now she is coming out of her shell and she gets to show that to people.”

“Since coming to Riverbend Academy, he has re-established his confidence.”

“She is proud of who she is which is wonderful to see.”



On The Virtues Project & Character Development


“My son is actually implementing the virtues he learned at school and it is carrying over into his everyday life at home.”

“I am so pleased with what I see with the social skills here.”



On The Solutions Room & Conflict Resolution


“As a parent and an adult, I think the Solutions Room is brilliant. We could all use a Solutions Room.”

“I love the concept of the Solutions Room. It helps kids develop conflict resolution skills that even adults today don’t have.”

“It is great that the school has come up with a system where it doesn’t matter how trivial one thinks the issue is, if the child thinks it is significant then it is significant.”



On Aikido


“That was fantastic. What a positive influence the Sensei has on those children. We should all be that positive! Love it!”

“It is self-disciplined but it is also respectful. It is not about fighting. It is about protection but it is also about respecting your partner and learning from someone else and with someone else.”



On Lunch


“It is nice not to have to pack a lunch every day.”

“He has seconds every day. That tells me how much he likes the lunch.”

“I like that they are exposed to different foods and encouraged to try new things.”

“To sit down as a whole family group, I like that you are doing that at lunch time.”



On Real Life Skills


“Not only can she set goals, she has a clear idea of the steps required to achieve those goals.”

“It is great that Riverbend Academy recognizes the importance of Real Life Skills and are actually implementing them.”

“What is nice is that the Real Life Skills is not just a course that is taught in isolation of everything else. It is implemented throughout the day. It is something they put into practice.”



On Technology


“I see the importance of technology every day at the University. My daughter has a tablet and is using that technology every day now.”

“Where else could a nine year old be learning how to code a web page and shoot their own videos?”



On Tuition Costs


“As grandma, I pay the tuition because of the frustrations I saw from the previous five years. At Riverbend, I find she is happy, she is exhilarated. That to me is a good sign”

“We just make Julia’s education a priority. We still go on our vacations but she is only young a short time and for her to get a good education was important to us.”



On Uniforms


“I’ve reversed my opinion on uniforms. The prices are in line with regular clothes.”

“I like the uniforms because it levels everybody.”

“I like the Dress One uniform. The shirt, the tie, the sweater, it conveys a certain amount of professionalism and respect.”