We have never faced a time when there was a greater need for leaders. We need men and women prepared to lead our families, our communities, and our organizations. Only with strong leaders can we hope to find solutions to the challenges that face us as we move further into the 21st Century.

But what is a leader?

A leader cannot be defined simply by saying that he or she is the person in charge. The “boss” is not how we define a leader at Riverbend Academy.

We do not define a leader as the person at the top of an organizational chart. The traits of a leader have more to do with strength of character than how many people fall under their control.

Leaders are those who guide others to a better life, a better world, by their own highly developed, positive character and can be found and are needed in every walk of life and at every level.

All exceptional leaders demonstrate high character with three main qualities.


Leaders are able to discover their passion and become clear and focused on their vision. Then, they are capable of articulating that vision in a way that generates excitement and motivation in others.


The integrity of a leader ensures that those around them can be confident they will see consistent, reliable behaviour. People can take a leader at their word and know they will always act in accordance with their vision and in the best interest of others.


Great leaders have the courage to set high goals and trust that they and those around them can stretch themselves and their abilities to achieve these visionary goals. Leaders also have the courage to take responsibility for failure. When things go wrong, they don’t blame others but accept the consequences. On the other hand, they are just as quick to give credit to others for success. In fact, leaders are never looking into the past to assign blame. Instead, they look forward to design a solution to any challenge the past may have created.

Leadership has little to do with position or talent. Leaders demonstrate key virtues and are committed to becoming the best person they can be. Leaders look for opportunities to make things better for their family, community, and society. Leaders look for opportunities to uplift and serve those around them.

True leaders know that they do not have to be in charge to create positive, lasting change in the people they touch, the community they serve, and the world in its entirety.

This is what we do at Riverbend Academy. We allow children to discover their purpose and excel with confidence – becoming strong, positive leaders ready to rise above and make a difference.