Technokids & Computer Programming

Technokids is a unique computer curriculum that uses fun and engaging activities to teach students how to use Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. Currently, MS Office has a market share of approximately 90% whereas Corel’s suite, which some boards still use because it was free, has less than 2% of the market. A touch typing component is also part of the program.

Along with this excellent program, students will learn various methods of computer coding. Computer programming can teach students key skills such as creativity, problem solving, logical and sequential thinking, and communication skills as they must be able break down a problem into steps and communicate each step to the computer. Students will develop Apps that they will be able to run on their Tablets.

Imagine your child coming home and telling you, “There wasn’t one so I made an App for that!”


Each Student Has A Tablet

We recognize the advantages of utilizing technology in creative and innovative ways while acknowledging the continuing importance of basic skills like printing, cursive writing, and mental mathematics.

Each student at Riverbend Academy will be using a Windows Tablet complete with MS Office for some work while also participating in screen free lessons (on paper) as well. Like all things in life, striking a careful balance will give our students one more advantage for a successful, well-rounded education.