The R.L.S. (Real Life Skills) Program teaches our students the skills they need for a more productive, happier life full of success and enjoyment.


Life skills are skills, knowledge, and strategies you need to make the most out of life. All of the R.L.S. Program consists of a variety of Life Skills. The other categories deal with specific areas with topics that can singly affect a student’s life in a major way.

This category groups together life skills that may seem small or inconsequential on their own. However, these skills will make a person’s life easier. Having these skills available in your toolbox, whether you ever use them or not, gives one confidence and raise self-esteem. As we mentioned in an earlier blog, confidence and self-esteem have a positive effect on self-discipline and reduce stress. In addition, by learning a wide array of skills outside their normal expertise, students quickly realize there is nothing they cannot learn if they put their mind to the process. This knowledge gives them the confidence to set larger and more challenging goals.

Examples of some of the skills that students learn at Riverbend Academy include:


Public Speaking
Critical Thinking
CPR & First Aid
Basic cooking
How to Tell A Story
How to Deliver Bad News
Job Interview Skills
How to Complement Someone
Self-directed Learning
Listening and Empathy
How to Move Homes
Using Google & the Internet Effectively
Planning a Nutritional Meal
Selecting Produce
How To Win Friends
Influencing People
Reading a Map
Sewing a Button
Changing a Tire
Changing a Washer
Knotting a Tie


These skills do not represent a single course. Rather, like all the R.L.S. Program, students learn them throughout the course of their career at Riverbend Academy.