The R.L.S. (Real Life Skills) Program teaches our students the skills they need for a more productive, happier life full of success and enjoyment.


Many studies have shown that the most effective business and political leaders are also strong decision makers.

Effective leaders make more decisions and make them faster. They might not always be the “right” decision or even the best decision. However, as a mark of success, decision making skill is a clear indicator. In fact, one study compared successful managers (those with a clear record of promotions) with their unsuccessful peers (those who had regularly been passed over for promotion). The study tested both sets of managers to quantify their decision making accuracy. Both groups were found to be equal in their ability to make a “good” decision. However, the better managers made more decisions faster whereas the other group were hesitant due to fears of making the wrong decision.

Our students are taught that making timely, effective decision is the difference between acting or reacting. By being proactive with their decisions, they control the direction of their lives – anticipating challenges and overcoming them before they happen. With self-discipline, a clear goal, and an equally well-thought out plan, our students are able to make good decisions that consistently move them toward their successful achievements.

Practicing a sense of responsibility and confidence gives our students the knowledge to make decisions proactively and purposefully. They learn to balance making decisions rashly and over-thinking an issue so they miss opportunities.

All our students learn a variety of decision-making strategies that give them choices on how to weigh individual decisions. They learn to balance analytic thinking and intuition – learning when to listen to their gut. From their work with Emotional Intelligence, they can recognize the difference between caution and fear. They understand the balance of fear and foolishness.

Riverbend Academy students learn to seek out opinions from respected sources, weigh options, analyze the pros and cons, and then make their own decisions. But they are also taught the important lesson of flexibility. Although the goal may never vary, the path to achievement might. Flexibility and the ability to know when to alter your decision based on sound analysis rather than fear, is the crowning skill to constantly acting proactively.

Our students learn that making decisions equals action. Only action can propel you forward toward your goal.