We have been brainwashed into believing that knowledge is the key to success – that knowledge is power. We can spend 14, 17, 20, or more years in school absorbing volumes of facts and information. There are hundreds of additional courses we can take on organization, time management, goal setting, sales techniques, and Universal Laws. There are thousands of books available on topics to improve your life.

But what does all this knowledge alone get us?

Absolutely nothing.

I’m not saying gathering this knowledge is a waste of time. Obviously, the more you know, the broader your education, the broader your foundation. To be successful, everyone must be a life-long learner. But, just like any foundation, knowledge is just the beginning.

Change, growth, and success only come from decision and action.

Imagine crossing the street. You look up to see a bus bearing down on you. You know the extreme weight of the bus. You understand the laws of physics that govern the stopping distance of the bus and you know it cannot stop before it hits you. You know the biology of your own body and clearly understand the effect this speeding hunk of metal will have on your body.

However, none of that knowledge will have any benefit if you don’t make a decision AND take action.

Effective, proactive decision can begin the change and growth in your life. Still, the decision is as ineffective as knowledge without action. Action begins with decision but only by actually taking action will you produce change, growth, or achievement.

Our students learn to propel themselves forward by their decisions and actions. Having set their goals, they practice self-discipline, and make decisions. Then, they take action.

Our students lead by example and use positive action to propel themselves toward their goals rather than relying on others.

Proactive decisions and action become a daily habit. They follow their plan and move constantly and consistently toward their achievement of their goals. Success builds on itself, motivating them toward more success.

Positive action and decisiveness become key elements of their character, developing strong, positive leaders who rise above and make a difference.