On our web site and during our Open Houses and private tours, we always talk about the philosophy of tolerance and respect at Riverbend Academy. Our environment encourages our students to be who they want to be (not who their peers think they should be) provided they live within our 3Rs:

  • Repect for Self
  • Regard for Others
  • Responsibility for Your Actions

But is our message really getting out to our new students?

One of our new students had sat in on several discussions we had with his parents, as we always encourage. This is a big change and the children must be invested in the decision for their year to be truly successful. He had listened to our discussions about tolerance, acceptance, and respect but you never really know how much these ideas are being understood or believed.

Turns out, he really did get it.

As his mother relayed the story, the young man was nervous about starting at a new school and leaving his friends behind. She pointed out that all the kids will be new this year but he would have an advantage because he was going to summer camp. He would know the layout of the school and then, in September, be able to help the kids that didn’t know the school at all.

“I could be sort of like the teacher,” he replied, brightening a bit.

“Yes, you would be the teacher’s helper,” she told him.

He brightened more and then a cloud passed across his face. “But then I would be teased and called ‘Teacher’s Pet’”, he said.

Before his mother could even reply, his face brightened again and he said, “But they won’t do that there!”

Yes, the kids really do get it!

All they want is a safe place to learn where they aren’t judged when they don’t follow the “IN” crowd, aren’t teased because they give the wrong answer, and can just be themselves.

After all, isn’t that what we all want? To just be free to be who we want to be.

Ask the kids, they get it.