We hear buzzwords in education all the time. One of them is educating the “Complete Child”.

What does that even mean?

At Riverbend, we define it by addressing seven key areas of the child’s education and well-being.

Physical – We all need to move more to promote health, fitness, and increase blood flow to the brain. We offer physical education every day and have eight acres for the children to play on during our three recesses a day. Our daily hot lunch gives them the good fuel they need to keep their brains and bodies functioning at peak performance.

Intellectual – Providing stellar academics with a challenging and interesting curriculum that develops a life-long learner.

Emotional – By providing a psychologically safe environment, our students are able to learn emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Inner-Self – Through meditation and mindfulness, our students find a sense of peace and purpose. They are able to cope with the stresses of daily life allowing them to enjoy their childhood.

Character – Through the Virtues Project and our 3 “R”s (Respect for yourself, Regard for others, Responsibility for your actions), our students develop their character to create incredible young adults. These stellar character traits help bring success to the students in all the other six areas.

Skills – Our Real Life Skills program bring real world abilities to the students. These skills give them the confidence to face life’s challenges. They develop the entrepreneurial mindset where there are no problems, only opportunities. Real Life doesn’t scare our students because they have the skills.

Creativity – We bring back creativity that has been lost in the atmosphere of standardized testing. With a renewed focus on Art, Drama, and Music (and yes, even science) our students learn they ARE creative. And in the psychologically safe environment, they will express that creativity without fear of judgment or ridicule.

And what becomes of a “Complete Child” – they become fulfilled, happy, successful adults.

All these skills, abilities, creativity, and healthy practices lay the foundation for the leaders of the 21st Century. These are the strong, confident, clear-thinking individuals who will create a better world for us all.