Five weeks from today, we will be back to school!

We have created as safe an environment as possible by physically distancing our desks, water coolers instead of water fountains, separate supplies (pencil crayons, scissors, etc.) to name a few. We have changed how we serve lunch and how students will walk down the halls, assemble for recess, and arrive and leave each day.


How can you and your family help?

As new and daunting as COVID has been, exposure does not mean you will come down with COVID.

The key is your immune system.

In an article in Success magazine, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen detail how you can lessen your chance of catching COVID by boosting your immune system.

They list 5 steps to boosting your immune system.

  1. Get good quality sleep
    Make sure that bed time is at a regular time each night and early enough to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep for your children. Avoid “screens” for half an hour before bed. We recommend a book.
  2. Manage your stress
    Chronic stress is devastating to your immune system. Ask your children about meditating. Practice deep breathing, watch a funny cat video, and, especially during this time of social distancing, make sure you safely spend as much time with others as possible – even if it is not in person.
  3. Eat a variety of nutrient-rich food
    Make sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables. We are in the middle of fresh vegetable season – take advantage of it. Make sure you care getting your vitamins A, B, C, & D. Don’t battle stress with junk food – try nutritional snacks instead.
  4. Move Move Move
    Regular exercise is the key to boosting your immune system (and your mood – see #2). Walk, ride your bike, swim, hike, enjoy. But don’t overdo it because you suddenly have the time. Over-exercise has been shown to decrease our immune system. But, really, not too many of us are guilty of that, right?
  5. Stop the Poisons
    finally, for the adults, cut out the toxins. Vaping, smoking, overmedicating, and too much alcohol all significantly reduces your immune system.

So, go for a walk with the family, talk, tell some jokes, come home for a healthy meal, and then get to bed on time.

Imagine how healthy you can be by the time September 8 rolls around!