Giving Back To The Community

Our philosophy at Riverbend Academy is that, to be a truly successful person, an academic education is not enough. Learning about life skills, how to think, or how to be creative is not enough to develop and sustain a truly happy life. Indeed, it is only through helping others, being of service to humankind, and giving of yourself can you experience all the joy and happiness that life has to offer. Helping others, empowering others, stepping up and being a leader when the world needs volunteers — these are the moments that will be remembered long into your later years as you look back on the greatest moments of your life.


Community service is a way of life at Riverbend Academy

Community service is a way of life at Riverbend Academy

“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

All Riverbend Academy students are expected to fulfill hours of service to the community. From Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 12, students participate in projects that will give back to the community. The school encourages and supports these activities and as much as possible ties them into the curriculum so the students do not look on these service hours as “just more homework” they must get through. Instead, we try to instill the joy and respect these hours of service should provide.

And, we try to walk the walk and talk the talk right beside our students by encouraging our staff and parents to join in on these projects and opportunities to help others. Our children learn by example; they are sponges soaking up our words and our deeds. We must lead by our good example if we are to create leaders who will propel our world into greatness. The opportunity to bring out this greatness in our children is ours to deliver.