A Private School With A New Vision On Education

At Riverbend Academy, we know you want your child to succeed academically and be well-prepared for life after school. To do that, you need an improved alternative to the current education system. The problem is that the system is not well-equipped to nurture and educate children to succeed in the 21st century. The system has let your child down, leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated.

We understand how you feel because we experienced the same frustration when the system let our own son down. In fact, we started Riverbend Academy because we believe every child deserves a phenomenal education and schools should be preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. That is why our dedicated teachers use the best of the Ontario curriculum along with our own Real Life Skills program to prepare your child for a successful and fulfilling life.

At Riverbend Academy, we also take the small things into consideration. Most schools only allow their students 15-20 minutes to eat lunch. We view lunchtime as a point in the day for all of our students to bond together and foster the Riverbend family environment. All of our students, from JK – Grade 12, receive nutritious daily meals at no additional charge. Meals are included in the cost of tuition. Students enjoy a full 30 minutes to eat and an additional 30 minutes to play outside. This is an important time of day for our students to grow their friendships and take a break from the classroom setting.

Becoming part of the Riverbend Academy Family is easy:

1) Tour The School

2) Enroll Your Child

3) Experience The Transformation

So, Book a Tour today! And, in the meantime, download our free PDF on 10 Questions You Should Ask About Your Child’s Education. Stop hoping for the system to change. Instead, see your child’s confidence and love of learning blossom again.

High Academics Combined with Strong Life Skills

Academic achievement is a priority at Riverbend Academy but is tempered with the belief that a happy adult must be prepared for more than school exams. Riverbend Academy`s programs prepare students with life skills, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, confidence, and morality to be equipped to overcome obstacles, and not just prevail but prosper with joy. Using the world-respected Ontario Curriculum as our core, we augmented that with our exclusive R.L.S. (Real Life Skills) Program, the Virtues Project, Aikido, and a nutritious lunch program cooked fresh daily by our on-site chef. Our goal is to ensure our students are not only prepared for their University applications but also have the tools and skills to have a happy successful life.

High Moral and Ethical Beliefs in a Secular Setting

Riverbend Academy puts a strong emphasis on the moral and ethical behaviour of its students. We hold the belief that happiness in life can only be achieved by being the best person you can be and helping others achieve their goals. We grow by helping others grow. We are successful when we help others achieve their success. Just as we are creating lifelong learners, we are creating lifelong givers.

Leaders Prepared To Make A Difference

Riverbend Academy students lead by example, rising above adversity, creating solutions to life’s challenges, and making a positive difference in the world.