Innovative Programs

Academic achievement is a priority at Riverbend Academy but is tempered with the belief that a happy adult must be prepared for more than school exams. Riverbend Academy’s programs prepare students with life skills, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, confidence, and strong moral and ethical character development to be equipped to overcome obstacles, and not just prevail but prosper with joy. Using the world-respected Ontario Curriculum as our core, we augmented that with our exclusive RLS (Real Life Skills) program, the Virtues Project, Aikido, and a nutritious lunch program cooked fresh daily by our on-site chef. Our goal is to ensure our students are not only prepared for their University applications but also have the tools and skills to have a happy successful life.


Riverbend Academy students lead by example, rising above adversity, creating solutions to life’s challenges, and making a positive difference in the world.

Morality For A Happy Life

Community service is a way of life at Riverbend Academy

Community service is a way of life at Riverbend Academy

Although Riverbend Academy is a secular school, we believe that moral and ethical behaviour should not be limited to a religious education. In our experience, strong moral and ethical behaviour promotes a happy, successful life which, like our parents, is what we know our children deserve.

The moral and ethical teachings are based on the concept that only by empowering and helping others can anyone find financial and personal success in life — experiencing true happiness. Students are taught to rely on the simple moral concept of “will this harm myself or others” when making life decisions.

Respect for Self Regard for Others Responsibility for your Actions These are the principles that will guide the students to make sound decisions in school, on the playground, at home, and later in life. Teachers regularly take opportunities to inject these moral and ethical imperatives into the regular curriculum.

Students are also expected to fulfill a certain number of hours of volunteer service during the course of their time at Riverbend Academy starting in Junior Kindergarten and the school provides opportunities and guidance in fulfilling that commitment. However, as parents ourselves, we recognize that too much of this volunteer service becomes yet another stress for parents. We will regularly offer opportunities for students to fulfill these volunteer commitments within the regular school day, augmenting lessons with volunteer experience.

The Virtues Project The Virtues Project was founded in Canada in 1991 by Linda Kavelin Popov, Dr. Dan Popov and John Kavelin and was honored by the United Nations during the International Year of the Family as a “model global program for families of all cultures”.

The Virtues Project nurtures our children in the skills and qualities they need to be successful in school and in life. Although they are the oldest practices in the world, virtues are essential to our true goal of education – intelligence plus character. Too many of our children are technical wizards and moral illiterates. Power plus control leads to violence. Power plus compassion transforms bullies into leaders. Bullies try to raise themselves up by knocking other down. Riverbend Academy students have the self-respect and confidence to know that you grow and prosper more by lifting others up and helping them shine. Riverbend Academy has trained Facilitators and also offers presentations outside the school. If you are interested in learning more about the Virtues Project for your organization, please contact us.

Bullying Awareness

No Bullying

No Bullying

At Riverbend Academy, anti-bullying pledges are not just words on a fancy certificate. Every day, our students promote tolerance and understanding so every student is accepted for who they are and thrive in an environment that ensures growth and happiness.

The Bullying Awareness program which is at the core of Riverbend Academy’s philosophy, is not an Anti-bullying program but rather an awareness program to educate teachers and students to the various bullying behaviours while providing sound strategies for education and intervention. The Ontario Teachers Federation magazine review said “if you can only afford one workshop resource on bullying, this is the one to get”.

All of our teachers are trained to recognize signs of bullying and to address it immediately while our students are also taught respect and tolerance that prevents bullying before it starts.


Riverbend Academy is pleased to have Ashley Hennessy Sensei of the Aikido London bring Aikido instruction to our students. 

That was fantastic. What a positive influence the Sensei has on those children. We should all be that positive!! Love it!

Connie Feke, Parent
After observing an Aikido class

Nutritional Program

A nutritious lunch at Riverbend Academy

A nutritious lunch at Riverbend Academy

Included in the tuition, Riverbend Academy offers a nutritious lunch program prepared fresh on the premises to help fuel the minds of the students. Faculty and students eat together to further foster a close feeling of community within the school. By helping to plan weekly menus for the cafeteria, students learn important lessons on nutrition, budget planning, and preparation time and requirements. Sample Menu

Monday Grilled Chicken Ham, Caesar salad/salad Rice, Mixed veg Jell-O Hard boiled eggs Juice/milk/water Fresh fruit salad
Tuesday Pasta and meat sauce or chicken pieces Raw Veg and dip Caesar salad/salad Fresh fruit salad Hard boiled eggs Juice/milk/water
Wednesday Sweet and sour chicken Meat loaf Homemade mac and cheese Rice, corn or mixed veg Caesar salad/salad Fresh fruit salad Juice/milk/water
Thursday Fish and chips Chicken Mixed vegetables Caesar salad/salad Coleslaw Fresh fruit salad Juice/milk/water
Friday Salmon and broccoli Beef slices with gravy Potatoes Rice Mixed vegetables Fresh fruit salad Juice/milk/water

This menu will depend on food allergies

Technokids & Computer Programming

Technology is important at Riverbend Academy

Technology is important at Riverbend Academy

Technokids is a unique computer curriculum that uses fun and engaging activities to teach students how to use Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. Currently, MS Office has a market share of approximately 90% whereas Corel’s suite, which some boards still use because it was free, has less than 2% of the market. A touch typing component is also part of the program.

Along with this excellent program, students will learn various methods of computer coding. Computer programming can teach students key skills such as creativity, problem solving, logical and sequential thinking, and communication skills as they must be able break down a problem into steps and communicate each step to the computer. Students will develop Apps that they will be able to run on their Tablets. Imagine your child coming home and telling you, “There wasn’t one so I made an App for that!”

Students Can Use Tablets

Every student has a tablet

Every student has a tablet

We recognize the advantages of utilizing technology in creative and innovative ways while acknowledging the continuing importance of basic skills like printing, cursive writing, and mental mathematics.


Each student at Riverbend Academy will allowed to use a Windows Tablet complete with MS Office for some work while also participating in screen free lessons (on paper) as well. For students who do not own their own tablet, classroom computers, as well as the computer lab, are available. Like all things in life, striking a careful balance will give our students one more advantage for a successful, well-rounded education.

Before & After School

Before & After School Program at Riverbend Academy

Before & After School Program at Riverbend Academy

The Before and After School Program runs from 7:30 am to school start and from school end to 5:30 pm with a variety of fun educational and physical activities.