We believe in our students.

We believe compassion and academics matter.

We believe healthy food and physical activity ensure academic success.

We believe limiting classes to 15 students and providing individualized teaching produces successful students.

We believe respect for yourself, regard for others, and responsibility for your actions are key to creating tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe in students learning in the classroom — not after school with a tutor.

We believe each student learns differently and it is our responsibility to find the method that reaches that child.

We believe high moral and ethical behaviour has an important place in secular school learning in order to create good character development.

We believe developing and encouraging creativity, adaptability, and confidence will best serve our students in their future life.

We believe in augmenting the best of the Ontario curriculum with essential life skills such as budgeting, nutritious meal planning, financial responsibility, and emotional intelligence in order for a student to have a happy, successful life, regardless of their post-secondary aspirations.

We believe in our students rising above all adversity, resolving all challenges, and making a difference.